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Project Showcase

At 574C3M0R7H, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what digital media can do for gaming communities and businesses. Our custom projects are creative, imaginative, and innovative, giving clients a unique edge in the industry. Discover how our solutions can supercharge your brand below.

Bar Citizen Taiwan.

The submission for Bar Citizen Taiwan is a clean and modern circular design that features a white metal pin with a minimalist aesthetic. The central focus of the design is the Star Citizen logo, which sits in the center of the pin. Surrounding the logo are orbiting lines that represent the four planet paths in the Stanton system, each containing a planet in a balanced way that adds to the overall design appeal.

Stanton Police Department.

The friendly law enforcement officers over at the SPD commissioned us to generate an animated intro for their videos, Membership certificates & cards and finalising the design of their website.


Introduction for the Streaming element of the Stanton Police Department. Incorporating a Star Citizen spin on the classic COPS US television series.

Stanton Citizen's Court

In keeping with the typical grandeur of court houses worldwide, the Stanton Citizen's Court logo incorporates the traditional gold leaf and marble design elements with the four planetary bodies found within the Stanton universe of Star Citizen, orbiting the scales of justice.

The Farm Games

A fellow gaming enthusiast commissioned us to design a retro, computer themed introduction for their YouTube videos and streams. What better way than retro 8-bit green screen.

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